About CozCaps

Coz has been making resin cast artisan keycaps in Perth, Western Australia since early 2016. A Picture Framer and a father of two, Mechanical Keyboards are a passion for Coz that give him a lot of satisfaction and joy. Mechanical Keyboards, and the community are now a huge part of Coz's life, friendships formed and keyboards built, it's been an awesome ride. 


Artisan Keycaps are a polarizing part of the Mechanical Keyboard World, love them or hate them. Coz loves them, beginning by using left over materials from a huge framing job, quickly Coz found himself sculpting and casting caps, admittedly the first few batches were rough as all hell. Now a lot of failing and learning later Coz makes a few different sculpts he is really proud of, although there is always room for improvement, never stop reaching for improvement. 


Lately Coz has turned his hand to making buttons for his Playstation 4 Controllers as a little side project, and has found great enjoyment using different pigments and styles to make these tiny little buttons come to life. 


Coz uses PinkySil silicone, Smooth-On 202 Clear Resin, and more pigments than can be named; from translucent Barnes Pigments, to Automative Pearlescent Powders, to Thermochromatic Powders and everything inbetween. 


Coz holds raffle sales on GeekHack and Reddit, that is where the bulk of his caps are sold, teased, and given away. 


If you feel like dipping your toe into the world of resin casting please remember safety first, resin is nasty stuff, so are pigments, and pressure pots, if not setup correctly, are very dangerous. Be safe.