The Caps

Resin Cast Artisan Keycaps by Coz



Blanks are a favourite of mine. The purest form of Artisan Keycap. The simple profile, literally taken off of a plain keycap, is the perfect canvas for resin, be it splatter, multi shot, metallic, or thermochromatic, I love making these caps.


No Esc

The No Esc was my first sculpt. Now in Version 2.5, the refined iteration is a joy to cast, different layers give me different areas for multi shots, definitely a cap I love to make. The original Coz Cap and one that will hopefully be made for years to come. 



One of the simplest Coz Caps, but sometimes simplicity is key, criticized for its impractical shape, this is partly why I love it, towering over your keys (unless you use SA) the jagged top sits proudly on a keyboard. 


Idle Key

Inspired by The Evil Dead, named by Otesnek, the first really detailed sculpt I made. Many times I've tried to remake it, but I can never get the hand quite right again. Working on a Version 2 at the moment..... finding it very hard to make a cap as nice as the V1.



The Growler, the terror of the seven seas, but he loves a scratch behind the ear. This fearsome pirate is the newest member to the Coz Caps catalog and quickly became a favourite.